To be the BEST version of YOU (in your style) means that you are willing to commit to levelling UP and move forward to close the gap between where you are and where you want to BE.

Being the BEST version of YOU is not just saying it, it is a way of life. Embracing this fully shapes how you perceive the world around YOU. It is the essence of everything great in you.

Hack #1 Visualise what the best version of YOU looks like?

The power of your thought and vision is where it all starts. Close your eyes and allow your mind to cut through the noise of your everyday life, to find that place where you want to be -- your purpose. Where are you? What does your best self look like? How does this feel? What are you emotions? Write it down and draw it out. Own this dream. (YOU Style Co has a Best YOU and Best Life framework to help with your vision)


Hack #2 Stay Inspired

Determine WHY you will absolutely love being your best self.

Identify your inspiration to achieve your goals in three words or phrases that best describe how you will feel when you succeed. Write them down so you can make them your mantra: Happy, Healthy, Empowered or Fit, Accomplished, Unstoppable

There will be challenges that come your way on your journey of discovering your best self. This is fact. So be ready to move through these. Have your vision, your why and your mantra close to your heart and back yourself to stay inspired to stay on course. Short term blips are all part of your learning and growth to being your best self!

Hack #3 Success Rituals

When you cultivate daily success rituals, you’re on a path to becoming your best self. With daily consistency and diligence are the steps towards your vision.

These success rituals could be your daily mantra from Hack #2, morning meditation, visualising the reality of where you want to be with living your best self, exercising and/or gratitude. When you have a good routine, nothing can stop you. Enjoy this journey everyday, make space for it. Do not get caught up in the every day to day ‘busy-ness’, make your success rituals a PRIORITY!!!!

Hack #4 Take time for Self Love
Self-love is so important! Everything good in your life starts with how YOU think and feel about yourself.  By investing in yourself, backing yourself, challenging yourself, YOU create a life that YOU love.
By taking time and creating space in your life for self love more of your best self will shine. Here are some great things to do daily/ weekly for YOU time.
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Daily gratitude
  • Journalling 
  • Weekly Glacial Marine mud mask
  • Lumispa daily to help your skin radiate youthfulness
  • Nourish your mind 


Make time for YOU. YOU Style Co’s products are designed and formulated to help bring out your best!

Hack #5 Contribution

Contribution is a BIG part of who we are! The more we give the more we feel great about ourselves. Become a cheerleader and encourage others. Who could be your closest family, friends or community. Making a difference and helping others is all part of being your best self.

YOU Style Co supports Nourish The Children and the Force for Good Foundation. Nourish the Children is a project focussed on solving childhood hunger sustainably. It is centred around 'Vitameal' - a unique food developed by world-leading nutritional scientists - containing 25 essential vitamins and minerals that malnourished children need to thrive. More than 120,000 children are fed daily, with over 600 million Vitameals served since the initiative began in 2002. 100% of donations goes to feed the children.

The core of being your best self is PURPOSE, and knowing that you can make a difference by going out of your way to help and support others. It’s never too late to become your best self.

You won’t always get it right, but by staying focused with your vision, you will make more choices that will keep you on that path. Start true to YOU, get a support crew around you, take daily steps, stay focused on your desired vision and put into place today the habits of your tomorrow. Your future self will thank YOU for taking the inspired action required. BE the BEST YOU in your STYLE!