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Galvanic Spa Beauty Pack


This powerful combination is designed to deliver up to five times more ageLOC ingredients to the skin when used with Galvanic Spa Facial Gels with ageLOC —targeting the ultimate sources of ageing. Now you can enjoy the benefits of a spa visit as a part of your regular anti-aging skin care regimen. The small, smart, and powerful ageLOC Edition Galvanic Spa System II features patented self-adjusting currents and interchangeable conductors that work synergistically with Nu Skin’s specially formulated treatment products to facilitate the transport of key ingredients to the skin. The newly engineered ageLOC Galvanic Spa also includes a larger, brighter display, intuitive usability, and enhanced ergonomics—making it the easiest to use, most cost effective in-home spa system available. Now you can unlock the secret to a younger looking you with the ageLOC Edition Galvanic Spa System II. Your radiant, youthful looking face and body will leave people 

wondering about your age—and your secret.

The complete package for your at-home ageLOC® Galvanic Spa® Facial and Body Treatments.

This package contains:

ageLOC Edition Galvanic Spa System II White
ageLOC Facial Gels
Tru Face® Line Corrector
ageLOC Body Shaping Gel

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