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A highly potent immune tonic. Many great stories about the healing benefits of this juice blend.

Provides highly bioavailable antioxidants to reduce free radical attacks. Contains unique lipocarotenes™ which attract and bind important antioxidants and aid absorption. Supports cellular growth and maintenance. Potent formula supports healthy immune function. 

Take 30ml daily to support optimal health. Good for children.

Money back guarantee in accordance with Biophotonic Scan Score.

Contents: 2 x 750ml bottles

  • Helps support cellular rejuvenation
  • Slows the common effects of aging through DNA protection
  • SCS Certified™—improves Skin Carotenoid Score with the Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner
  • Fortifies antioxidant defenses against vascular and cellular free radical damage
  • Supports healthy immune function

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