A Kiwi girl living in Australia that has a burning desire to live the life of her dreams, in her STYLE and to help others do the same!

If like me you want to live an AMAZING life, full of love, happiness, family, health, adventure, travel, fulfillment and contribution. However, you have found yourself realising that life hasn’t yet matched the vision you had, well my story may resonate with YOU. 

As a young girl, I vividly remember dreaming about ‘when I grow up’ I would have the ‘perfect life’.

Back then, thought that by going to University to get my degree (in Marketing), climbing the corporate ladder, I would achieve my dream life and ‘success’. However when I reached this point, I had an uh-oh moment thinking “was this it”?? Stuck in traffic, long commutes to and from the office, working massive hours everyday. I knew there must be another way. This was NOT living life!! There was a HUGE disconnect!

Around this time I had major health issues with endometriosis (diagnosed with the most critical form you can have). 5 major surgeries later, my life as I knew it went on hold completely. Which meant not only was the focus to get healthy again, but it was under enormous financial pressure with medical expenses and not having the ability to ‘work’.   This was a pivotal point in my life, that highlighted the importance of living life on my terms and not relying on a linear income (exchanging time for money).

Through my health recovery journey I researched different ways to aid with getting my full health back. I learned that changes were needed with my mindset, exercise, more whole foods and quality health products. This is when I discovered Nu Skin and the incredible products that helped me. Happy to say I now have the best quality of life with no pain!!!

With my health in check, I thought lets start designing my life, to get me out of the rut of working for someone else. So I  started my own consulting business in the accounting industry, helping accounting firms become high performing businesses. Thinking this would be IT, the pathway to that ‘perfect life’ in my STYLE.  Well, the initial excitement dulled over the coming years to the reality of loooooong hours, bouncing around NZ & Australia, doing everything from A-Z and on a consist hamster wheel. It was exhausting. 

Throughout this period I had toyed with a ‘side hustle’ with the products I had discovered to help me with my health. I loved the inner health products, then fell in love with all the other products, and witnessed my own transformation of feeling GREAT and looking more youthful!   

I made the decision (now in my 40’s) to bring my side hustle to the forefront and officially launch it. I was completely OVER the hamster wheel, so I put the line in the sand to make the change!

Since then I have helped many people create more flexibility, freedom, become the best version of themselves and live in their STYLE.

These last few years have proved that blending a burning desire, clear goals, belief, taking action and with the right people supporting you, dreams do come true. I have travelled with my amazing Husband around the world on all expenses paid 5 star holidays (as success trips for business growth), I now have the ability see my NZ family whenever I want, have flexibility to work when and where and were I want. If I can do this so can YOU!!