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Transform the condition of lifeless hair in just seven days with Nu Skin Hair Care. This innovative, scientifically advanced system restores strength to the cortex, repairs the hair shaft, and protects the cuticle, returning your hair’s youthful strength for manageability and shine. Nu Skin Hair Care begins to correct and prevent damage from mechanical, environmental, and biological aggressors after as little as one week of regular use—for visibly younger, healthier looking hair.

• Balancing Shampoo—provides just the right balance of cleansing and moisturising, while key nutrients found in cotton bloom extract restore strength to the cortex.

• Moisturising Shampoo—features cotton bloom extract, natural sterols, and shea butter to cleanse and nourish hair with essential moisture.

• Clarifying Shampoo—provides a deep clean without stripping hair of natural moisturisers; shea butter seedcake extract washes away buildup, including nicotine, chlorine, and environmental pollutants.

• Rich Conditioner—the low pH formula seals the hair cuticle for increased moisture retention, shea butter drenches the hair with lipids that mimic natural oils, and meadowfoam repairs damage and prevents breaking and weakening.

• Weightless Conditioner—contains meadowfoam complex to repair and prevent damage and amino acids to maximize manageability.

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